Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Merritt Trace Elementary burnt down

On July 5th, a massive fire destroyed half of Merritt Trace Elementary, where a friend of mine works. They lost 16 classrooms, 4 resource rooms, a mobile computer classroom (30 laptops), and the school library. It has been a devastating event for all those involved, and my friend and her fellow co-workers are desperately trying to rebuild their school.

They found a way they think they can get $500,000 for the school. Kohl's is giving $500,000 to 20 schools in a few months. The schools are being chosen through voting on Facebook. Currently, Merritt is number 24 in the nation. With just a few more votes, they could easily get into the top 20. It would be simple to help. Just do the following:
- go to http://apps.facebook.com/KohlsCares/school/147361/merritt-trace-elementary
- "Like" Kohl's,
- use 5 of your votes for Merritt Trace Elementary in SJUSD,
- and, if you're feeling really generous, pass this along to your friends.

That's it! If the link I've included doesn't work, please take an extra minute to find the Kohl's Cares application and vote for Merritt Trace Elementary in San Jose, CA.

Thanks everyone!

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